A year of balance : a year of self-discipline

This year is so full of exicting ideas. I can feel them in my creative mind, pushing and joggling, waiting to grow. Some will start to grow this year, others will bloom, and some will stay in the ground…

Last year I focussed on balance in my life. My dollmaking brings me so much joy, it’s my third child, and I love spending time growing Polly had a Dolly; but my family is so important to me too and I love homemaking cooking, and learning with my girls after school.

There has to be a balance.

I have such high expectations on myself, I push myself hard. My mental health was suffering. I found I was having ‘guilty’ feelings when I spent too long on my dolls and the bathroom needed cleaning, or irritable with myself for not getting meals planned and cooking the food I wanted to eat. When there was no time to make dolls I felt unfulfilled and frustrated.

So last year I set a weekly schedule in January and I have stuck to it throughout the year. It works for me – finding a rhythm and a groove for my week. The guilty feelings now don’t exist. I no longer get irritable with myself and our home is a calmer, happier place.

The sheer mindlessness that can be found in homemaking allows my creative brain to wander; I enjoy listening to podcasts and the simple rhythm of the week brings happiness to me.

The downside? My week means I have only four to six hours a day to work on Polly had a Dolly. Last year I struggled to make the most of this, hours were wasted in procrastination, going off on fruitless tangents, and to be honest, scrolling on social media.

So onto 2019 – what about now? How about all these new exciting ideas?

My word this year is self-discipline. Why did I choose this?

  • I want to being kind to myself and keep the dream alive.
  • I need to break my best ideas (and only the best) down into day long tasks so I can slowly, and steady, grow.
  • I must start planning and making now for Mid-winter.
  • Finally I want to find a rhythm that works for Polly had a Dolly. A rhythm that sits as naturally with me as the rhythm I have created for my home and family. A rhythm that works with the seasons, with my monthly moods and allows me to grow slowly, steadily and, most importantly, strongly.

I have to be realistic –  I have just a few hours a day – and I need to be careful with my time. To help me I am using the “dream plan do” planner from The Design Trust. Written by Patricia van den Akker it is thoughtful, considered and endearingly honest. I am looking forward to spending a year growing with her on my shoulder.

What’s your word for 2019? How did you get on with your 2018? I would love to hear from you!

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