Felt heart pocket for a tiny doll : free pattern

It is Valentine’s Day this week!

My heart baby doll.

My daughters love to mark this festival with a gift for each other; a token treasure to show that they care for each other. At 6 and 8 years old, they are too young for romantic love, but they do understand the importance of showing love.

Many of you have purchased my leaf babies over the years and this heart basket is the perfect size for the little Itty Bitty baby to pop inside. Alternatively you could pop in a tiny treat such as needle felted heart.

Tiny treasures also fit inside the woven heart pocket!

Although my instructions below use wool felt, paper can be used instead if it is easier to come by.

Instructions for a 7.5cm (3″) felt heart basket

Materials (for one heart)
For recommended (non affiliated) suppliers click on the links

  • 2 pieces of wool felt in contrasting colours – 14cm by 4.5cm (5.5″ by 1 3/4″) each.
  • Thread to match one of the shades of felt
  • 15cm (6″) length of 3mm satin ribbon


  • Printer
  • Paper scissors
  • Sharp sewing scissors
  • Air vanishing or water removable fabric marking pen/pencil
  • Needle or a sewing machine

What to do

First of all download the free pattern template – click here – and print out.

Cut out the two pieces of felt using the template.

Weave together the strips, alternately passing one through the other to make a checked pattern. The front and back should look the same.

Mark with your marking pen where the ribbon handle will start and end.

Using the straight stitch of a sewing machine, or a running stitch by hand, stitch around heart securely fastening the ribbon handle at either end, and ensuring that the woven heart is secure for play. Take care not to twist the ribbon.

Remove the marks made by the marking pen.

Your felt heart basket is now ready for treasures!

No time to make your own? Click here to purchase one I’ve made for you.

My heart baby doll

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