My Christmas elves

I have never felt comfortable with elf-on-the-shelf. I love the idea of staging the beautiful scene each night with the funny things you can do, and I imagine the wonder and amazement on the childrens’ faces is amazing.


Mainly I just don’t like the idea of bringing a snitch into the home, highlighting the bad instead of the good, someone who spies on you and then rushes back to headquarters each night to fill in a report. It doesn’t fit with our style of parenting. I also don’t like the fact that the children couldn’t touch the elf or the magic would be lost, and the fact the elf disappears on Christmas eve just in time to miss out on the celebration we have been building up to in Advent…

In our home we focus far more on the wondrous story of the nativity and the children re-enact the story throughout Advent bringing the Angel Gabriel to Mary, moving Mary to meet Elizabeth, gradually moving Mary, Joseph and the Donkey around the living room towards the stable as the days go by. They create their own magic and the story gets more detailed as their little minds grow. I have been asked to make a Herod to add to our characters for this year!


However, Elves are an essential part of the magic of Christmas, a type of magical fairy creature that helps with the preparations of Christmas and I love the idea of the Kindness Elves from Anna at The Imagination Tree. We share similar sentiments on the elf-on-the-shelf phenomenon so please check out her blog to find out more about her alternative approach.


So with all this in my head I set about the design my own elf. I wanted it to be affordable, and all natural and most importantly of all, tactile. I want children to hug and hold my elf.

To make the elf affordable at this expensive time of year I have not done the traditional head shaping, but a soft head. The body is simply made as a tube and tied to create the effect of arms, bottom and feet. The stuffing is still 100% British wool, the fabric is the best quality cotton velour and the facial features are still hand embroidered. They are also CE tested and safe from birth.


You can order the elf in a choice of three colours, red, green or gorgeous bluebell blue which is almost purple. There is a choice of five skin tones.


They come with a little certificate to say the elf has been sent from Santa to them. Perhaps Santa has sent the elf to help them with their kindness tasks, or to just love and cuddle throughout the excitement of Advent.


If you are planning on ordering a handmade doll for Christmas please don’t leave it too late. I’m currently working at a 2 week making time, before posting, and I would hate for anyone to be disappointed.


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