Meet my latest doll: Pebble


Isn’t she the cutest little bundle?

The story behind her is a walk along the beach with my family over Christmas. We were visiting my parents, who live in North Wales, and as the day was bright, dry and calm we headed down to Criccieth beach. It’s such a beautiful stretch of coastline, and walking away from the castle you soon find yourself part of nature. The girls climbed on enormous boulders, collected sticks to ride on as ponies and searched for the smoothest pebbles. As they turned the smooth shapes round in their hands I thought, ‘how about a doll that’s smooth like that’ and Pebble was born.


She is made with a traditional Waldorf shaped head, and the body is stuffed with 100% British lambswool. In my opinion this is the best filler as it is so soft, warm and comforting, and it has the natural antibacterial qualities that wool has (find out more about wool here). Her cute knitted body and hat is actually made from a brand new newborn sock, from Marks and Spencer, and tested to make sure it is safe for use in toys.


Her face is designed to have sleepy eyes as these are the most calming eyes for children and this doll is a brilliant comforter. Her facial features are hand embroidered and the blush is applied using a beeswax crayon. She is completely handmade and hand wrapped by me, CE marked and suitable from birth.


Each dolly comes in a beautiful gift box made from recycled materials and lined with felt – in the lid of the box are the care instructions and ‘birth’ certificate. Choosing a name for a dolly helps a child take ownership and therefore better care of their new toy – I love hearing what names the children have chosen.


She is £15 and available in my Etsy shop, just click here!



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