The day I went to sea…

Anyone else find the Summer holidays tough? This year my daughters have six and a half weeks at home, with me…

We do have family activities and outings planned but there is an awful lot of downtime in-between. As a parent I find my thoughts swinging from “Yes, I am managing, they are happy and busy”, to “Oh no! Why are they arguing? What can I do to intervene?”. Children’s moods change so quickly!

So today, I want to say a great big thank you to all the people who share activities on Pinterest for me to turn to in times of desperation.


As a way of showing my appreciation I want to share with you my simple DIY instructions for a paper hat and boat (click the link below to download). All you need is newspaper, no glue, scissors or trips to Hobbycraft!

Click here to find out how to make a sailor hat and paper boat

I hope they will give each family at least half an hour of crafting time and imaginative play. My eldest loves to make them and will make lots of different sizes for all her teddies. My youngest loves to be a pirate and climb into the washing basket with her bunny and two wooden spoons (for oars) to sail the seven seas.

Polly-had-a-dolly-newspaperhat - 6

I would love to see your creations – please tag me if you share your paper hats and boats on Instagram @polly_had_a_dolly thank you!



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