New Easter Dolls for 2022

Three baby dinosaurs on a shelf

Baby Dinos, Blossom Buds and Carrot Bunnies
Made to order especially for you
£12 each

Today I am launching my first new dolls of 2022. Baby dinos, blossom buds and carrot bunnies.

This Easter I knew that there was one thing that my dolls needed to do: spark imaginative play. I really want my dolls to be played with and help children escape into a world of creativity.

The Concept.

If imaginative play makes up half of my design, then a super-cute doll made from natural, sustainable materials makes up the rest.  

As I know that household budgets are tight at the moment I set a challenge to make them for £12. And early prototypes began.

Early sketches

I found inspiration for my Baby Dinos through my youngest daughter. She just loves dinosaurs and dragons and I wanted a doll to appeal to her. Putting the tiny dino doll in the felt egg and closing it up delighted her! I added soft wool felt spikes along the back of the doll and cut the egg open with a strong crack to add excitement!

My carrot bunnies were inspired by the success of my leaf babies (children love my leaf babies so much that they make up about 50% off the dolls I make).

The carrot sleeping pod is available in two different shades; a bright orange and lime green for those of us that love colour, and a muted orange melange with moss green leaves for the subtle choice.

I can add a hanging loop to the top of the carrot so you can add them to your Easter decorations too – just let me know when you order.

My blossom buds are an evolution of two existing dolls – my egg babies and my flower fairies.

After quite a few failed attempts to decorate the pastel eggs I decided on simple flowers inspired by primroses and pretty blanket stitched details to capture the freshness of Springtime.

As always my dolls are available in six skintones – just make your choice when you order!

I will be making your dolly to order, and my books will close for Easter in 3 weeks time.

I can’t wait to see what you choose!

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