Make it yourself : doll’s nappy

  • Babygrow, hat, bib and nappy
  • Dress, bonnet and knickers
  • Dungarees and t-shirt
  • Booties, tights and socks

To celebrate the launch of my baby doll clothes patterns I am giving away a free pattern for a doll’s nappy (or diaper if you are state side).

My waldorf baby doll wearing a cloth nappy

It’s a simple downloadable PDF with full instructions and a printable pattern, if you like it and want to make more doll’s clothes, please pop to my website!

Please use this pattern in the spirit it is given. Don’t use it for commercial means, pass it off as your own or recreate, thank you! Karma is a wonderful thing.

Have you made this pattern? I would love to hear how you got on and if you had any problems! Contact me via my instagram or facebook pages!

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