Come into my workshop : dolls hospital

Do you know that I offer a dolls hospital service?

Come into my workshop

My ulitmate aim when I make a doll is that they will be loved and played with. Loved so much that they could be on the BBC’s Repair Shop in the future.

My dolls are UKCA and CE tested, I use high quality materials, and traditional sewing methods to ensure each doll is strong and sturdy when it arrives with you but time takes it’s toll on fabrics and love leaves its mark.

When your child’s doll needs a repair please get in touch with me and we can sort out a suitable repair.

Here are some examples of dolls I have repaired.

Popped seam
Annabelle needed a repair to her arm – a simple ladder stitch was used to closed the seam.

Rosie has a little button nose and unfortunately her nose ended up wearing through the fabric (I now actually don’t add noses to my dolls unless requested as this is a common issue with Waldorf dolls). Her mama wanted to keep her as original as possible so the repair chosen was a 1940s style darn using a matching skintone thread. This is a visible repair which strengths the doll and keeps her as original as possible. The ‘scar’ reflects real life and teaches children that things are still beautiful when they have marks and patina. I then refreshed her blush too.

Rethreading hair
Polly has been playing hairdressers a lot and her long hair was looking a little bedraggled. Her wig was starting to pull away from the head too. We chose some new colours to weave into her hair and I firmly restitched her wig. Her mama was very pleased with Polly’s new hairstyle!

Replacing the fabric
This bunting doll was very special – she was one of the first dolls I sold – and I was delighted when she came back for a repair. Her owner chose to have the doll skin replaced as the sun had also faded it. This was a more involved repair as I have to disassemble the doll. I was also very aware that I needed to capture the same face back on to the dolly afterwards. Equally important was to reuse the stuffing so the doll retains the same comforting smell – but I did add a bit more in to plump them back up again!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the dolls hospital patients I have had. My specialist area for repair is Waldorf dolls so please get in touch to see if I can help.

If you have another type of toy that needs repairing please contact the British Toymakers Guild for advice.

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