2021 – Harmony

Last year wasn’t great – we can all agree on that – but by focusing on gratitude we can change our outlook. Most of us can find something to be grateful for if we look in the right places – and shifting our gaze to the positive will help us to find energy and help others too.

So in an attempt to be a ‘Positive Polly’ instead of a ‘Negative Nancy’ the top five things I was thankful for last year were:

Our holiday in North Wales – we camped in my parents’ field!
  1. My husband. Matt worked from home from March and continues to do so. His presence in “my” workshop is so welcome and I have even cleared out a drawer and shelf for his own personal use. He also is very handy for doing my lunchtime Post Office trips!
  2. Homeschooling. Yes it was hard work, and it meant I had to sacrifice time on my dollmaking, but it was also a wonderful time of science experiments, book reading, music and lots of art.
  3. Our Summer holiday. Camping in our (slightly worn out) vintage Eriba caravan in my parents’ field in North Wales. I am so glad we spent two weeks in the summer near them as we haven’t been able to see them since!
  4. Online sales – and my wonderful customers for supporting me. This year was my busiest yet in online sales, and when I couldn’t squeeze making any more dolls in before Christmas you supported my ready made online market too! Thank you!
  5. My brother. He is an intensive care nurse in the Midlands. He has worked tirelessly and is still doing so. I am so proud of him and the team he works with!
Matt – off to do another post office run!

Onwards and a new year, 2021. I will again be working with The Design Trust to develop my business. Patricia’s planner this year is better than ever and I feel very excited to be getting under way – turning dreams to reality. If you are a creative in need of some guidance check it out —>

My word for this year is Harmony.

Our local nature reserve in Staplehurst. I love going here to clear my head and find inspiration!

Last year I really had to face the fact that I can’t have it all and I can’t do it all. I know I am not the only one who tries to keep fit, keep healthy, look after my mental health, run a business, have a tidy home, keep in touch with friends, spend quality time with my husband and bring up children… the list goes on. So this year I am going to focus on the right things in the right amounts and not tie myself up in knots.

The big decision for Polly had a Dolly is that this year I will be releasing patterns and kits to enable you to make dolls clothes, and your own dolls too! I had already began writing before the pandemic hit and now it is time to focus on them again. The clothes patterns for my baby dolls will be available at the beginning of April 2021!

Work in progress!

To do this I’ve had to make a compromise. I will be reducing the amount of markets and events I do; this is such an uncertain area with Covid and it takes a lot of time to build up stock. I will use this time to work on my patterns and prepare my made-to-order dolls so I can keep my books open longer next year! I’ll miss seeing you all at fairs.

My stall in 2019 at The MidWinter Market, Tithe Barn, Lenham.

If this rings bells with you please let me know what you were thankful for in 2020 and what your word is for 2021?

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