How to: make a star angel mobile!

It’s Christmas – so here is a simple hanging mobile you can make at home!

Inspired by Waldorf crafts this how to uses natural materials. This is an adult craft but older children will be able to make it with you.

What you need
– 2 sticks 7-8” long
– strong white thread
– metallic thread
– 5 x 7” piece festive fabric to make your angel (I used a cream with gold stars)
– 20mm felt ball (you can buy or make this)
– 20 stars cut from felt (I cheated and used a star punch to do mine)
– white wool felt (about 4” square)

Step 1: First fold your festive fabric into quarters, mark out a curve as show and cut – with pinking sheers if you have them to give a nice edge. Open up.

Step 2: Place the felt ball in the centre on the back of the fabric, shape the fabric around the ball and tie into place with the strong cotton thread. Make two ‘hands’ by tying the fabric at the edge.

Step 3: Sketch out a wing shape on one half of the wool felt, fold and in half and pin. Cut out your wings, open them up.

Step 4: Using your metallic thread tie the wings in the middle and then using the ends tie the wings onto the doll. Add a star on her head and wrap the thread around to make a headband.

Step 5: Thread the felt stars onto the metallic thread. You need four lengths – one for the end of each stick. Leave the end long so you can tie it onto the sticks.

Step 6: Join your sticks at the centre using the strong cotton thread. To hang your mobile add a length of thread to each end and join them in a knot. The fiddliest bit is tying on the angel doll and stars so get someone to help if you can!

Here is my star angel hanging over our dining table. I can’t wait to see yours!

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