My top five dolls for new baby!

Today I want to answer a question I am often asked: which of my dolls is best for a baby?

Baby Nod providing a comforting hug.

Last year, in conjunction with the Design Trust, I designed a range of dolls for under ones.

These dolls are handmade to order, so you can choose exactly what you dolly will look like – skintones, eye colours and body colour – making each one unique.

My dolls always arrive in gift wrapped making them perfect to give to a new baby, or for a christening / naming ceremony.

Baby Ben in his gift box made from recycled materials.

Unlike most of my wool filled (Waldorf) dolls, this range can handle a gentle machine wash – as they can get very grubby around babies – though I recommend a hand wash to keep them in tip-top shape.

As with all my dolls each one is fully CE marked – this means they have under gone a series of physical, flammable and chemical tests to ensure they are safe for play – find out more —->

1. Baby Nod

The pink velour is my best seller!

Baby Nod was the first doll I designed for a newborn baby. My good friend had a baby and I wanted to give her son someone really special, and Baby Nod was born. He is perfect for naps and bedtimes as his eyes are closed: the sleepy eyes help to signal that it’s time to rest.

2. Baby Whirl

See my website for the full range of colours, skin tones and eye colours.

This doll is bigger than Nod and is holding a beautifully finished beechwood teething ring – ideal for those sore gums. His simple Waldorf inspired face has open eyes for the daytime, and he is wearing a cute hat that is firmly stitched onto his head. His hat is made from a newborn sock and has a knot in the top. For cleaning the teething ring simply unties and you can wipe with a damp cloth, and dolly can be washed.

3. Baby Ben

What would you choose; a star or heart motif?

Named after the famous Big Ben in London, this little chap has bells inside him which gently tinkle when moved. His adorably simple face has open eyes and a curl on his forehead – this little doll is ready to play! On his tummy is a wool felt patch to add an extra tactile element.

4. Baby Bud

Sleepy cuddles!

This doll is unique in my range as she is filled with plant fibres instead of wool! I love wool and think it is amazing – find out more – but many people choose not to use animal fibres for various reasons. Baby Bud is a cousin to Baby Nod, offering the same bedtime companion qualities whilst being ideal for a vegan lifestyle.

5. Penny

All the colours of the rainbow.

Penny is the smallest of the dolls I would recommend for an under one – she is half the size of Baby Nod and perfect for popping into the nappy bag for days out! I always found giving my girls something to hold during nappy change time made the whole process a lot easier.

So that is the five dolls I would recommend for babies – each one is unique and you will know who is best for your little one. To see the full range on my website click here —->

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