5 doll play ideas for when you are self-isolating at home

My youngest daughter developed a cough last Friday, so following the guidelines my family is self isolated at home. My shop is shut for this time – I would struggle to do orders anyway with homeschooling my girls.

We need to stay positive during this time and it gives us an excellent opportunity to experiment with home schooling – something the girls have been keen to try for a while.

I thought I would just do a round up of the doll play ideas I have on my blog for you to do with your little ones. None of them are fancy, and they use materials we can find around the home – no expensive trips to hobby craft!

My ideas do require a little input and time from you, but they will then go on to play independently. Maybe even let you have some time to step back after they have recieved attention and time from you.

1. Make a swing for your doll

These swings provide hours of fun for very little effort. We are lucky and have a garden, but you could use a door frame instead!

2. Parachutes for tiny dolls

Perfect for the budding engineers – get them experimenting with different materials. Indoors they can be launched from a tall chair or the landing…

3. Make a doll’s cradle from cardboard

Despite having beautiful handmade wooden doll’s cribs, my daughters just love to make lots of beds for their dolls to play hospitals. This one slots together so can be unslotted to save space when not in play too. No glue or tape – just cardboard – and they can decorate it too!

4. A dolly’s tea party

You are going to have to make lunch anyway so why not streeeetch it out into a busy morning of preparation and an afternoon of party games? My daughters’ first thought was to do this again when they realised they had to self-isolate!

5. A changing station

Sometimes all they need is an invitation to play – set up a lovely doll area and leave them to it!

Every family will deal with isolation differently but we all know that our children need our love and care more than ever at this point in our history. As parents this puts a lot of pressure on us and I hope we can navigatate this time together. Please do share anything you make from my ideas, and share my ideas with your friends too!

I have many more ideas in my head so I will share more over the coming weeks – subscribe to my emails to keep in touch.

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