National Wool Week: why I love wool

Wool! I love it and use it in my dollmaking. I really do believe it is a wonder fibre, and here is why…

These two ladies live in the field next door to my mum – and are pets.

1. Wool is the fleece from a sheep, a natural product, which has been used since the Stone Age. That’s a long time and it’s still being used! Did you know that, despite the myraid of man-made fibres invented ,science is yet to produce a fibre which is equal to it?

There are so many varieties – these two are Black Mountain sheep.

2. Did you know that a sheep needs a hair cut every year? Each year sheep will produce a new fleece by simply grazing on the grass. I source my sheepswool from the UK to support British farmers who are working to make the wool industry sustainable for future generations.

I source my wool from World of Wool.

3. At the end of its useful life, wool can be returned to the ground and it rots away releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth. This is a big reason why I use wool for my dolls – so many soft toys are filled with plastic fibrefill which is extremely slow to degrade.

My local nature reserve.

4. Did you know that wool has “hygroscopic” abilities? This means that wool in my dolls reacts when being cuddled by absorbing body heat from your child. The warmth makes dolly extra comforting!

The perfect cuddling companion.

5. Finally wool is naturally flame-retardant! Did you know that my dolls have to pass a flamability safety test? Wool has a high water and nitrogen content and a high ignition threshold meaning that they pass with flying colours!

Shhh! Wool is the secret ingredient that makes my dolls what they are.

What is your favourite natural fibre? I have been exploring plant based fibres and started using Soya Bean fibre for a Vegan doll and I’m always open to new ideas.


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