Penny – a hug in your pocket

When I first started making my dolls for sale I realised that not everyone has the means to purchase an expensive traditional Waldorf doll.

I believe very strongly in the importance of a child owning an Waldorf doll. They are unlike any other doll due to the natural materials and simple expressions, every doll is handmade with love, and filled with wool that absorbs your body heat. Check out my previous blog post –>

I have worked hard to design dolls that appeal to children and are available at a wide range of price points so that everyone can aspire to give their child a handmade doll, if they want to.

At £9 each my Penny doll is a price that is accessible to most people. She is one of my best sellers and universally popular with adults and children.

Beautifully sweet little dolls made from super soft material. We are expecting a baby soon and gave one of these to each of the kids at our blessingway – they were all delighted and spent all day playing with them! Thanks very much xx

I hear that the Penny dolls get to go on many adventures and often become an anxiety companion! Secreted in a school cardigan pocket, children only have to pop their hands in to feel her and be comforted.

Penny is only 3″ tall (about 7.5 cm) and fits in the palm of a child’s hand.

She’s available in a wide range of colours – from teddy brown, to apple green, royal purple to soft cream. As every doll is handmade by me to order, your doll can be made from a choice of skin tones too – just add a note a checkout and I will contact you with the options! Click here to find out more —>

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