Inspirational illustrations

Last week it was World Book Day, and THIS week it is World Story Telling Day! Oral story telling is a part of the Steiner education philsophy so it naturally caught my attention.

One of my favourite books being enjoyed by my youngest daughter.

World Story Day has been celebrated with great success, around the world for some years now on the 20th of March.

It is very special to know that, throughout that one day storytellers around the world are busy telling classical tales, local stories, glorius, horrendous, happy, challenging, spooky, romantic and dramatic epic stories. Some wrapped in music and some staged and others intimate – but every story is told in a unique and special way – by a storyteller whose heart is full of great tales to tell.

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With this in mind I want to share with you one of my main sources of inspiration, books!

As a child I fell in love with books, not with the written words, but with the beautiful illustrations that accompanied the text.

When I look through the books that I have treasured and saved from my own childhood, it is the ones with the beautiful illustrations that have captured my heart.

Now, as a doll maker I find a lot of inspiration through illustrations, from new to the very old.

Can you see my children’s books?

One of the shelves in my workshop is full of children’s books. Some books have been written and illustrated by the same person – and I am sure that the ability to write and illustrate must be amazing!

A few of my favourite books are:

  • Alfie’s Feet by Shirley Hughes
  • Adventures of the Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton
  • Tom and Pippo Read a Story by Helen Oxenbury
  • A Flower Fairy Alphabet by Cicely M. Barker.
A few of my favourites!

However my favourite children’s illustrator has to be Mabel Lucie Atwell. I just adore the way she captures the essence of childhood through simple lines – and I have tried to reflect her influence on my style in my logo. She has written her own books, but also collaborated with other creatives such as Peter Pan and Wendy written by J. M. Barrie.

Mabel Lucie Attwell has a wondeful unique style.

Have books inspired your work? If so which ones and how? Let me know below!

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