Make a swing for your doll

It’s half term here in England. I am trying to encourage my girls to play outside so we made doll swings from a cardboard box, and some old rope…

After we had spent an hour making the doll swings together they played outside all afternoon – absorbed in a little world of imagination with their dolls.

What you need to make two swings

  • A rectangular cardboard box
  • 3m of four ply rope, or 6m of two ply rope, or 12 m of twine…
  • Paper packaging tape
  • Awl (sharp pointy tool)
  • Paper scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Marker pen

What you need to do

Tape the box closed.

Mark the box 6″ (15cm) up from the bottom, all the way around, on both ends.

Cut along the marked lines with the craft knife.

You should end up with two pieces like this!

Fold the flaps down inside so they are part of the bottom of the box. Tape in place.

Mark two holes for the doll’s legs to stick out, on both sides, and cut out with the craft knife. You will have to vary the size depending on your doll and your box!

Add some reinforcing tape to the sides and the middle and your swing is ready to be strung!

Mark the holes, 1″ (2.5 cm) from the top and side, and pierce with the awl.

You need four 1.5m lengths of rope for each corner of the swing . I had thick four ply rope which we split.

Thread through the holes and tie firmly. Then join the two lengths with a knot to form a triangle.

Above the knot twist the two pieces together to join the rope back together.

Wrap tape around the ends to make sure the rope doesn’t unravel.

Your swings are now ready to be hung! We tied ours to the cross bar on our big swing in the garden.

You could also tie the swing to a branch, or alternatively if you are stuck inside you can pin it up to a door frame.

If you have a go making this swing please leave a comment – I would love to know how you got on!


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