Sustainability: packaging

I have five values which represent what I am trying to achieve through my doll making. They are reliable, modern, imaginative, honest and sustainable.

I studied Industrial Design at Brunel University and one of my options was Environmentally Sensitive Design. Through this module, led by the amazing Professor Eric Billet, we understood how the whole lifecycle of a product is to be accounted for when designing – from manufacture, to its useful life, to disposal.

I am proud of the sustainability of my dolls (and the gift wrapping too) but my postal packaging has been nagging me. This is an important phase of the lifecycle and as the designer, maker and seller of my dolls I have a responsibility to do my best.

Up to now I have used plastic mailing bags which are cheap, effective and reliable. More and more of my suppliers are sending my fabrics in cardboard and paper based packaging. I have spent the last few weeks looking into it and thank you to everyone who has helped me!

So… what have I decided?

For all my UK orders I will be using paper and card based packaging.

There will be:

  1. A range of cardboard PIP boxes for large letter deliveries. PIP stands for pricing in proportion – following the price guides set by for Royal Mail.
  2. 2 sizes of Kraft mailing bags for most of my other dolls. These are super strong and have a degree of water resistance. Kraft is the German word for strength. Kraft paper has high elasticity and high tear resistance, designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability.
  3. Old fashioned extra strong brown parcel paper with paper parcel tape for my bigger baby dolls as these dolls are already in strong cardboard boxes so only need an outer layer of protection.

When you receive your doll I would love to hear your feedback on my non-plastic packaging.

I have decided that for all my overseas parcels I shall continue to use plastic mailing bags as there is not currently an alternative that provides the waterproofing for the trials of airmail and varying climates. I will be investigating further bio-degradable mailing bags and cornstarch bags to replace my current plastic bags with when my supplies run out. Watch this space!

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