Staplehurst makers

This weekend was the annual village fete : a wonderful event held in the large playing field in the centre of the village. A travelling funfair visits us for three days and brings all the noise, bustle and brightness you would expect – the children and teenagers love it.


On the Saturday the other half of the playing field takes on a more sedate feel. Rows of gazebos are erected, a lorry trailer is used as a stage, hay bales are used for seating and the local pub brings the beer to the field.

All the community groups are there, and local businesses too – reminding us of what a vibrant, and established village we are. I think we all need to be reminded after the results on Friday that ultimately we will all pull together and get though whatever happens.

For the first time, our new group, Staplehurst Makers had a stall. We borrowed tables from church, used sheets for table cloths and tried to look as professional as we could with no budget. The wonderful Simon from Oryx design made our beautiful signs, and Sharron from Myrtle Makes leant us her amazing bunting.

We wanted to share who we are with our village, with the aim to promote our craft fairs (organised by the wonderful Donna of Bombalicious) and to attract new makers. We are an eclectic bunch of skilled tradespeople, artisans, designers and makers based local to Staplehurst. We all make to sell – but at various stages of our professional journey.

Polly-had-a-dolly-blog-Staplehurst-Makers - 6.jpg

We are all passionate and creative and join together to support and encourage each other  – we meet monthly at our local independent coffee house. Working together we will raise the profile of local handmade goods.

If you would like to find out more please visit our website where I am featured as Maker of the Month!



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