A walk in the woods

I find the small woodland near my home a real source of inspiration. It used to be a farmer’s field before the current 1960s housing estate was built in the village.

Polly-Had-A-Dolly-Faerie-Blossom - 10.jpg

In the time since nature has taken over and firmly reclaimed the land as its’ own. It feels like it has been there for all time – there is a magical vibe as you walk through and you can imagine you have just missed the fairy folk who have hidden themselves in the mossy roots of the trees.


In this woodland my girls love to play, build shelters for the fairies and run in the muddy puddles with their friends. I love to wander and soak up the majesty of creation and I find my creative being is awakened.


We are so lucky that this small wood is in the process of being adopted by our local council as a natural reserve and so will be protected from further development.


My flower fairy range is inspired by this beautiful part of my world and I have captured them out in the wood for my photographs. All the fairies are one of a kind (OOAK) and available in my etsy shop, click here to find out more.




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