5 toys for imagination

Although I do try hard to curate my girl’s toys – with the wonderful support of my family – they still are incredibly fortunate and end up with so much to play with.

Often I think, when we are struggling at the end of the day to tidy all of their play things, how much easier it would be if they had less. If we had to start again – what would we choose?


As a family we are all particular. My girls have inherited our family’s love of natural materials and quality over quantity. They are kept away from commercials and advertising and given the Myriad catalogue at Christmas and birthdays (instead of the Argos catalogue of my childhood).

I walked them to school this morning, with today’s theme in my mind, so I talked to them about what toys they think they play with the most, and which ones are best for imaginative play. Here’s what we came up with (click on the image to find out more about the featured toy).

1. Haba pram

We have two of these prams, in natural wood, I bought the first for my eldest for her 1st birthday, and did the same for our second. It was a lot of money and we were worried we wouldn’t get the play value out if it, but it has more than surpassed our expectations. As the pram is so generic my girls are happy to use it as a dolly pram, pushchair, wheelchair, trolley, cart…



2. Teddy bears and cuddly toys

My girls also have a few special cuddly animals and they get so much play. For playing farmers, to schools, to vets. They are instant little characters that they love. I will add that my girls recently reduced their teddies. They basically got fed up with them all falling out of the teddy hammock and reduced down to 10 cuddles each! I came upstairs to see discarded teddies on the landing for me to send to the charity shop. Needless to say the are currently hiding out in the loft incase they change their mind!



3. Play silks, silk scarfs and old grown-up clothes

Although I have made my daughters beautiful fairy and princess costumes they don’t get that much play considering how much work they took me! What does get play though is old shirts, blouses, scarfs and silly hats. You can make or buy beautiful play cloths, hand dyed and full of open ended play opportunities, or just raid your own wardrobe!



4. Natural blocks, shells, pinecones…

I though about including lego, because my girls do love it and play with it, building all sorts of creations. However I have gone for these natural toys provided by Mother Nature as they build fairy houses with them, use them as money, turn them into play food, create patterns on the floor, the list really is endless. I love this connection to our natural environment in our home.


5. Dollies

This is the first thing they called out. I presume it was because they were thinking of the dolls I make. But seriously they do play with their dolls everyday. They have a small range of sizes, all are natural materials or handmade, and some are made by me. In reality, one would be enough but being a dollmaker I can’t help myself!

Bunting doll - 5.jpg


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