How my flower fairy dolls are made

My little monthly flower fairy dolls get lots of attention when they go to craft fairs. They are very tactile, appealing and colourful. They look very delicate and fairy like but I have put them through the CE testing process and they are ready for magical playtime fun!

They are made using a bendable rope – a specialist doll making product – which is commonly seen on small wooden dolls (dolls used in doll’s houses, pirate ships, farm sets etc.) I use this instead of the traditional pipe cleaners as I feel it is safer. I twist and shape the rope into an armature, then wrap firmly with lambswool. To hold the lambswool in place I then securely wrap with strong crochet cotton thread.


The next step is to make the head, which I make in the traditional style using tying and needle felting, and join to the body. The body and head are then covered in the skin fabric and the face is hand embroidered. The little ears are made and stitched firmly to the side of the head. My fairy dolls are the only dolls to have ears as I think it is such an identifiable part of a faerie creature!


The hair is made from Peruvian wool, crocheted into a cap and then securely joined to the doll’s head. Depending on the design of the doll I either loop into the cap to make strands of hair, or leave as is. I then refer back to my original design sketch to make the clothes.


For my flower fairies’ clothes I use 100% wool felt. Not only is it beautiful to work with and natural, it is much more hard wearing than the wool bend or acrylic felt you can buy at most haberdasheries. Each fairy has a pair of knickers and a little outfit designed to reflect the flower they represent. No fairy is complete without wings – each flower fairy’s wings are different and these are also made from soft wool felt.


Then I add the natural rose blush to their cheeks and take them outside for a photoshoot so I can share them with you. I try and photograph the fairy with the flower that inspired me.


I design a new one for each month, June is next, and I am going to soon be releasing a daisy inspired fairy. Favourite my Etsy shop to be the first to know when she is available!




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