Summer collection – the design process

I have designed three new dolls specially with Summer in mind. As always, I try and think about the little ones who will be playing with the doll and what they need. Today I am going to share with you the inspiration behind each one, and the child I designed each one for.

Starfish doll

These little tiny starfish dolls are inspired by a lovely baby wrap, called a Starsnug, that you can purchase from Tuppence and Crumble.


I have already in mind that I wanted to do a star doll, and their wrap, with the little face peaking out, is adorable.


I designed the starfish doll to be perfect for the ‘travel’ bag. We are coming up to the summer holidays, and most families are fortunate enough to be able to go away on holiday. Unfortunately holidays normally involve a long journey and our little ones get so bored. The little starfish doll is a brilliant surprise to give your child and gives them someone special to play with on the way, to share their adventures, and a way of remembering the Summer of 2016.

See them in my etsy shop.

Sailor doll

This gorgeous little doll is a summer interpretation of my cuddle dolls. My cuddle dolls are so cozy and wrapped up that they make me feel hot in the summer heat! So I started to think of an alternative.


Inspired by the wonderful story by Helen Oxenbury, Tom and Pippo at the Beach. This beautiful illustrated book tells the story of father, son and beloved toy monkey Pippo and their trip to the beach, which involved a newspaper hat, I shan’t tell you more as I don’t want to spoil it!

Polly-Had-A-Dolly-Summer-dolls - 10.jpg

The child I had in mind was one who loves the sea, pirates, sailing on the seven seas and adventures. My own children love to play boats in the empty laundry basket, and always take their doll along with them. This doll is a perfect summer birthday present.

Available in my etsy shop by clicking here.

Mermaid doll

This beautiful doll was the result of requests from a few customers last Christmas that I design a mermaid.

She took a while to evolve in my head, and a few attempts to make.

I very much wanted to design a ‘little girl’ mermaid doll, so my starting point was this beautiful Mabel Lucie Attwell illustration. The mermaid here in’t sexualised at all (unlike the famous Disney mermaid) and looks like a child.


I did consider leaving her topless, but decided on a tankini style top, made from 100% wool felt. I thought about my own little girls and they always want to wear a swimsuit and they would want their doll to as well.


The child I made this doll for loves pretend play, with a focus on magical, mythical and fairy tails. She’s a very special doll to be loved forever, available to order here.

I hope I have managed to show you the thought process for each doll, and that I design and make for children and not myself, and not for the parents either. I am now a good way into designing my new Christmas doll collection, and I and looking forward to sharing these with you in the future.



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