A tale of two fairs

Wow, this weekend has been busy for Polly had a Dolly. I was given the opportunity to attend two lovely Summer fairs and bring my Waldorf-inspired natural fibre dolls along.

I get very nervous before a fair, I worry I will forget to take something important, or I will get lost on the way and be late, or my dolls (and therefore me) won’t be liked! If you meet me I come across as a confident person, but it’s all a front, I’m bricking it inside.

However, I put on my big girl pants, had a fabulous time meeting some lovely families, and enjoyed myself – why was I so worried?

So which fairs did I go to? I want to share them with you as they are both a little different to the normal craft fair and compliment each other.

Dandelion Time

Polly-Had-A-Dolly-A-Tale-Of-Two-Fairs - 1.jpg

Dandelion Time provides troubled families with an individually focused therapeutic undertaking. Given time and space in the natural environment and support from therapeutic practitioners, families work together to find ways to restore trust, gain strength and make positive and sustainable changes in their lives.

This is an amazing charity, they work with the families to undertake practical farm and craft activities. There are many benefits to creating with your hands; the joy that the process and results can bring helps to build self-respect, empathy and positive communication.

Polly-Had-A-Dolly-A-Tale-Of-Two-Fairs - 3.jpg
Needle felted creations by The Magpie Inside

The fair itself was a great family day out, with welly wanging from the Golden Boot, pony rides, face painting, raffles and tombolas. The children enjoyed running around the beautiful grounds in the Kentish countryside.

Want to find out more? Check out their website: www.dandeliontime.org.uk

Canterbury Steiner School

Set in the rolling countryside southwest of Canterbury this is a private school with a difference.

“We don’t select or rank children by academic ability but rather we welcome young people who are alert, enthusiastic for knowledge, with open minds and who have a broad interest in the world. We guide them to become confident, creative thinkers and good problem solvers.”

Canterbury Steiner School owes its existence to a small group of parents who were determined that their children should receive a Steiner education. It has gradually evolved and grown over the years to be the successful school it is today.

The Summer fair was deliberately planned to coincide with National Children’s Day.

Polly-Had-A-Dolly-A-Tale-Of-Two-Fairs - 5.jpg

Arriving was a bustle of activity with local producers setting up market stalls with delicious homemade produce, volunteers hanging homemade bunting from the trees, children playing, and bell tents opened up.


Soon we were all set up and the families arrived. It was lovely to meet so many parents who think similarly to myself and my husband. My doll were admired and bought, and lots of discussion of dolls for Christmas (shh).


There was so much for families to do; the Kindergarten had a wide variety of craft activities on offer; there were puppet shows and dressing up; face painting and biscuit decorating. Inside there were a wide range of stall holders- something for everyone: my dolls, hand knitting, alternative practitioners and therapists including Apotheca, organic children’s clothes from OrganiCotton, hand blended herbal tea from TeaSane, and much more.



The school had a real sense of community, with students returning to school for the fair, even with craft stalls of their own.

I am looking forward to attending their Advent Bazaar in December – better start making soon!


  1. Lovely to read about the Steiner School. I bought a baby doll for my friend who is expecting but I think I might keep it for myself as he is so beautiful. 😁


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