Made in Ashford

Last week I shared with you my trip to Park Mall, Ashford, with a quick overview of each of the shops. Today I would like to share with you one of the shops in particualar  – Made in Ashford.

Made in Ashford is located in Park Mall Shopping Centre in the heart of Ashford. It is a small shop in the arcade and a beautiful window display greats you and entices you in. The shop is clearly laid out, with each of the local makers give a small space to display their wares.

There is a wide selection of goods on offer. From coffee and tea (locally roasted and blended of course) to ceramics, intricate jewellery to fantastic vintage inspired frocks. There really is something for everyone and every taste. If you are a fan of Not On The High Street this is a shop you must visit!

The shop is manned by the makers, meaning that you get the opportunity to find out more about what goes into the items.

On the day I visited Mini Medley was holding the fort. It was lovely to chat to her about her range of Scandinavian-inspired children’s clothes and her home workshop (a beautiful vintage caravan called Mavis).

A few of my favourites were:

Aye Aye
Made in Pixieland


Flossy Watts


Mulberry Glass Art


Have you been to Made in Ashford? Whose is your favourite maker?


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