March meet the maker – final week

I have really enjoyed taking part is Joanne Hawker’s challenge. I have learnt lots about other makers, and I hope my followers have gained an new insight into me and my business.

Here is a round-up of the final week for those that aren’t on Instagram (I’m @polly_had_a_dolly if you are).

Day 22 : Bestseller  
My bestselling doll is my tiny Penny doll. My most popular colour is the pale pink. You can chose just how you want your Penny baby to look in my etsy shop (link in profile). They are £7.50 each.

Day 23 : Studio playlist  
I like a wide range of music but here are four artists/bands I never tire of listening to. Apart from Jars of Clay I’ve seen all the artists live at least once – which brings back amazing memories too.

Day 24 : Milestone  
I have decided to share with you four milestones I’ve passed since I started my doll making business 31st October 2015. The first photo is my very first craft stall. It looks naive now but I was proud of it, the second was opening my etsy shop, and the third getting 500 lovely followers. The final one was getting my head around the CE testing that we have to in the UK to make sure our dolls are safe.

Day 25 : Packaging  
My dolls are wrapped in an organza bag, with a little birth certificate and care instructions. If the dolly is going to a craft fair a little label is tied on, if the dolly is going in the post they are wrapped in white tissue and placed in a watertight mailer bag.

Day 26 : Colour or texture  
Texture is so important to little fingers. I use a wide variety from super soft plush, natural cotton jersey, smooth cotton towelling, mohair yarn, silky labels… I have just shown a selection of my materials in the photo. I love sourcing new fabrics and a lot of time is spent sourcing tactile fabrics in appealing colours

Day 27 : Routine  
My routine is based around the school and preschool runs I have to do every weekday. I always walk as it is good for all, physically, mentally and spiritually – and we are lucky to live close enough.

Day 28 : Organised  
My work needs to be portable so I can work anyway – craft fairs, my parent’s home, in the cafe. I keep everything organised so I can just grab and go. Here’s my current workspace at mum’s kitchen table!

Day 29 : In action  
Here I am working in my mum’s conservatory. She’s very patient to put up with my mess! My husband took this video of me working on the sunsuit for my new beach baby doll.

Day 30 : Books or blogs  
As I’ve already shared my shelfie on day 18 I’ve gone for blogs. These are my top four blogs. 1. Is @peggy_nyberg an amazing doll maker and teacher and I owe a lot of my knowledge to her generosity. It’s due to her that I try to offer Waldorf dolls for every budget – so every child can have access to one. 2. @downtoearthsimpleliving I have a lots of homemade household cleaners thank to her and I am happy to let the washing up dry on its own! 3. @babipur I use this blog a lot for when researching for my own purchases, brilliant online shop too. 4. Is a long followed lady @soulemama and I have read her books too. Her photographs of daily life inspire my own Instagram account.

Day 31 : Customer  
My first ‘customers’ were my little girls and every new design goes through them. Here they are testing my latest dolls.

I’m looking forward to the next challenge… I feel a bit lost without it!

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