Easter bunnies

Recently, at one of my craft fairs, I had one dark grey bunny left, and two people who wanted him! So I offered to make one specially, a custom order.

I always have these forms with me at fairs – so if you don’t see the exact doll you want please ask. Custom orders are also available in my Etsy shop, just click ‘ask a question’ and we can set up a custom order.

While I was making up this special grey rabbit, I thought I could share with you how I make my Easter bunnies s0 I photographed each stage as I went.

They are based on the traditional Waldorf doll making technique.The first step is to shape the head using the lambswool. I tie a knot, then build layers over, needle-felting as I go until I get the shape and size I want.001-HowtoMakeWaldorfBunny.gif

This is then wrapped in finger gauze, tied and shaped to form the head. The little nose is formed by using a thread to gather and pull up a circle of the wool.002-HowtoMakeWaldorfBunny.gif

For a cute baby face I like to add more wool to the cheeks, and sculpt it into shape until it is firm.003-HowtoMakeWaldorfBunny.gif

The skin fabric is stretchy jersey which is wrapped around the face, and I hand stitch the seam up the back. The eyes and mouth are embroidered and the threads are pulled through to the back. Once the threads are tied behind – it pulls in the eyes and mouth and adds further definition to the face.004-HowtoMakeWaldorfBunny.gif

Now I put the head to one side and stitch using a sewing machine the body and ears, and make up the little hood. At this point I have to remember to add in my little CE label which I tuck under the ear.005-HowtoMakeWaldorfBunny.gif

The hood is first tied and stitched to the head and then the body is stuffed firmly with the wool. Using ladder stitch I join the body and the head – going round at least three times with the stitches getting smaller and smaller. This makes sure the the head won’t come off in a tug-of-war between two squabbling toddlers!006-HowtoMakeWaldorfBunny.gif

No bunny is complete without a tail, and my little bunnies tails are made by wet felting little balls of sheepswool and then securely stitched on with tying thread.007-HowtoMakeWaldorfBunny.gif

My favourite bit is adding the blush to the cheeks, you can see the difference here. It really brings the doll to life. I use a beeswax crayon which I first rub on a cloth and then onto the doll’s checks and nose, gradually building up the colour.008-HowtoMakeWaldorfBunny.gif


The final stage (if I have time) is to pop the doll into my photo studio and capture him at his best. The wallpaper is wrapping paper designed by Claire Maraldo from MadeInPixieland.



One comment

  1. The bunnies are beautiful so tactile, my Grandaughters love playing and holding them.
    Thank you for the beautifully made bunnies.


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