March meet the maker week 3

Wow, this week was a bit tougher to keep on top of – with getting ready for the Kitsch and Stitch fair and local Easter doll orders. However, I have caught up, and here is your weekly round up for those that don’t follow me on Instagram (if you want to find me @polly_had_a_dolly).

Day 15 : inspiration  Being outside in nature really gets my creative juices flowing. These photos are all taken local to me. I am so lucky to live in the countryside.
Day 16 : relaxation. 
I just love to have a candle lit bath, with a handmade bath melt or bomb, and a classic Austen book I’ve read a million times before.

Day 17 : shelfie  
I love sewing and craft books. I learn really well from reading books and the majority of my doll making and sewing is learnt from books. Here’s just a small selection of the ones I love

Day 18 : photography 
A new love of mine which has developed from the necessity of taking the best photos I can for my etsy shop. I set up a little photo studio in my bedroom but for lifestyle shots I like to get down to a child’s viewpoint or capture the scene from above. I edit my photos in Picasa.

Day 19 : helper 
My husband Matthew is my long suffering helper. Carrying and setting up at fairs, making and collecting props for photos, looking after my daughters while I work and putting up with me talking dolls all the time! Thank you.

Day 20 : sketchbook 
I have a lovely notebook that I write everything in, including my first sketches. They quickly develop into a detailed paper drawing and then into a 3D model. I would be lost if I ever misplaced my sketchbook! #Marchmeetthemaker

Day 21 : work clothes 
My darling husband surprised me with a much longed for pair of dungarees from @TOASTtravels from their #OASbyTOAST range. My dungarees are beloved and my favourite thing to work in.

Thanks for reading, click to catch up on week one and week two.


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